2012 – The Year of the Offshore Bond

Chase Belgrave – 2012, the year of the offshore bond!

Offshore bonds supplied by companies like Chase Belgrave are proving popular due to factors such as austerity, recession and an uncertain economic climate.

Investors who wish to bypass the restrictive issues currently plaguing most of the developed world could find a solution by putting their money into secure offshore savings bonds offered by Chase Belgrave.

Offshore bonds can be excellent options for individuals who wish to lawfully avoid harsh pension taxes, and also for those who are looking to the future, namely with inheritance planning in mind.

Interest in offshore bonds rose astonishingly during the last quarter of 2011 – by almost 50 percent.

Recent caps that limit the amount of money you can put into a UK pension each year can be identified as another potential reason for the bond surge. While the limit, £50,000, is indeed still a large amount of money, for many wealthy individuals this is still highly restrictive.

Offshore bonds often allow much greater flexibility with regards to investment products, and they also allow 5 percent tax-free withdrawals of their investment every year.