Could South Korean Ties Mean Opportunities for British Expats?

It’s not a typical Asian destination for expats, yet our strengthening economic ties with South Korea are making it a more attractive proposition for Brits heading abroad. The growing relationship between nations is driving the appeal of South Korea as an expat destination and the likelihood of Britons making it yet another retirement or relocation haven. 

South Korean flag in map

UK exports to Korea grew by a staggering 57% in 2012, equating to 15% of the UK’s total growth in exports. The key driving force for this has been 2011′s EU-South Korea trade act, which has seen the levy placed on imported UK goods dropped and encouraged more companies to conduct business with their South Korean counterparts.

This should increase the number of Britons heading to South Korean shores for business purposes, as they aim to continue this blossoming relationship. In turn this could increase South Korea’s appeal for Brits relocating or retiring abroad, as it may give them an improved perception of the hospitality they’ll receive in this Asian nation.

What are your thoughts on the matter?