Nations Luring Expats in 2014

Businessman with mobile phone looking out airplane window

It is not uncommon for nations to create campaigns encouraging those overseas to relocate to their shores, with these often being carried out to address a shortage of skills or to spark an economic boost. As the new year begins, two very different nations have launched initiatives designed to drive immigration with the purpose of addressing a problem that may halt their growth in 2014.

Saudi Arabia has opened her doors to qualified experts, aiming to fill the vacant positions that have arisen from a shortage of qualified doctors and nurses in the country. This is part of an overall growth initiative in the Saudi healthcare industry, which saw a spend increase of 18% between 2005 and 2012. However, it would appear that the door to expats is not completely wide open, as the adverts for these expat jobs have only been posted in nearby Muslim nations.

Canada is also aiming to attract more expats in 2014, seeking to add skilled professionals to her workforce and drive future economic growth. The government are using two schemes to draw expats to Canadian shores, one designed to attract those who qualify to become permanent residents and another to drive standard immigration. They aim to carry this strategy into 2015 and continue to use skilled expats to fuel economic growth.