Study Reveals that Settling in the USA Can Be a Challenge


Moving to another nation always comes with an adjustment period, however the general perception is that it’s far easier to settle in a nation where the culture is similar and the language is the same as our native tongue – like America. Yet a recent study has revealed that the USA can be just as difficult for British expats to settle in as emerging nations like India and China.

The Expatriate Trends Study 2013 has shown that the US received much lower satisfaction scores than many other parts of the world, with researchers highlighting the need for those relocating to be given a better understanding of the issues they will face in moving to the US. The research also indicated that sales tax and health insurance were too complex in US and this effects the happiness and ability to adjust for British expats.

America is the 2nd most popular destination for British expatriates, behind Australia, however such negative feedback from those who have relocated to American shores could deter Britons. Asian nations are becoming more popular with Brits and this trend could certainly grow in light of the study’s findings.